Converting RC Receiver signal to RS485 input for a PTZ Camera???

Hello gents,

     I am trying to figure out a way to convert the signal from a RC Receiver to manipulate a PTZ Camera that uses RS485 input for control. I see all these other cameras that are capable of operating the cameras zoom and focus via the RC signal and I cant help but wonder if they are doing the same thing I am trying to accomplish. 

For example, one like this

I am hoping someone can tell me how or if this is possible. I've been looking online, but haven't found anything very useful thus far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And I will admit, I am in the beginner stages of electronics, so please forgive my lack of knowledge in this area.

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I have answered my own question :)  

Arduino Uno paried with the new Arduino DFRobot I/O expansion board V5

Now I just need to figure out how to code it, but the general conccept is

RDF900-->APM-->UNO-->DFRobot board-->PTZ Camera.

This will allow the autopilot to control the camera as well as my joystick on the ground connected through the Mission Planner.

I also have the same challenge. I wanna be able to controll this camera

Could you please give me details of how you made your setup work out.



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