Hi Guy's. Hope that someone can give me tips on how to solve my strange copter behaviour. I'm running a APM1 in X config. Every time I try to take off, the copter's back left arm (motor 2) stays behind. So I started with the basic stuff, correct motor rotation CW and CCW, correct propeller on each motor, ESC calibration, level procedure, compassmot which is at 10% and finally the vibration which is within limits on all 3 axis. Following on from there I enabled 'motors' in the log, put the copter level and started it. Strange to see that motor 1 constantly gets more juice than the other 3. This could explain the flipping behaviour since moter 1 is opposite to the leg that stays behind. Any ideas for more testing or how to solve this more than welcome. Log file and motors graph attached.




2013-07-19 21-18 3.log

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  • Solved it!! It was the prop that caused the problem. Couldn't see a difference with the other props on the copter but by changing with a spare it made it clear.

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