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Jan Boermans replied to Jan Boermans's discussion Copter always tilts at take off. No vertical lift possible.
"Solved it!! It was the prop that caused the problem. Couldn't see a difference with the other props on the copter but by changing with a spare it made it clear."
Jul 22, 2013
Jan Boermans posted a discussion
Hi Guy's. Hope that someone can give me tips on how to solve my strange copter behaviour. I'm running a APM1 in X config. Every time I try to take off, the copter's back left arm (motor 2) stays behind. So I started with the basic stuff, correct…
Jul 19, 2013
Jan Boermans replied to Crashpilot1000's discussion SOLVED - How can i flash the MTK 3329 GPS on my apm 2.0 ??
"Thanks Rob for sharing. It triggered me to look for another alternative way. I used a 2.99$ hobbyking USB to serial convertor to flash the MTK GPS. After some trials it worked perfect. See attached schematic.
janSetup for flash.jpg"
May 20, 2013
Jan Boermans replied to Jan Boermans's discussion Copter behave like my dog who sees a rabit
Thanks for your prompt response. I was flying with all standard PID's and there was almost no wind. Did 3 lipos before without this problem. Jakub frame with diy camera mount.
Was flying in simple mode (to keep the cost of spare parts low).…"
May 3, 2012
Jan Boermans replied to Jan Boermans's discussion RTL strange behaviour

Thanks for your feedback. You might be right. At first I thought to see a similar graph like Randy showed in this post. However now I took a closer look and have no more trust in my MAG. Looks like I have to replace it and see the effect. In…"
May 3, 2012
Jan Boermans posted a discussion
After flying my 3rd lipo in a row with no real problems, suddenly the copter takes of very agressive. Was flying in alt hold when it happened. No reactie from the remote when trying to bring the copter back to launch position. Switched to STAB and…
May 3, 2012
Jan Boermans replied to Jan Boermans's discussion RTL strange behaviour
"Unfortunatly the Mag fix didn't solve the RTL issue. Did a test last weekend and same issue appears. When switching to RTL, the copter flew further away instead of coming back to launch. I attach the logfile and sketch about what happened. Armed…"
May 3, 2012
Jan Boermans posted a discussion
I did a first test with RTL on 2.5.3 today. After GPS fix I took off ans steered the copter away from me in STAB mode. Went to RTL mode and watched the copter reaction. Instead of coming back he continued to move away. Does anybody has an idea that…
Apr 4, 2012
Jan Boermans replied to Kristian's discussion Loiter/gps hold PID settings
"I have the same problem! Did you already found the solution? If yes, thanks for sharing.
Oct 12, 2011
Jan Boermans posted a discussion
Hi All, When trying to solve my unstable loiter mode I came accross 'Raw Sensor View' screen in the APM planner when having the mavlink connected.All sensors are around 0 (gyro X,Y,Z and Accel X,Y). Would assume that Accel Z should be at 0 as well…
Sep 4, 2011
Jan Boermans replied to Johann Van Niekerk's discussion Having Problems With Spinning/flipping Copter ?Recheck this!!
"Had similar issue. Easy check is with a conductivity tester. Outputs on IMU are fixed, from right to left this is right,left,front and back. Take off the signal cable connecting the powerboard and the outputs of the IMU. With conductivity test,…"
Jul 30, 2011