After a frustrating couple of weeks trying to find out why my copter was spinning and flipping just after take off a complete rebuild was necessary and recheck of everything, After spending 3 hours rebuilding everything and doing a test flight everything worked out and a had a successful flight , then I started looking at what could have been wrong and didn't seem to me like I did anything different EXCEPT I solder my Power PCB from the new Downloadable ArduCopter PDF file and realized what was wrong !!!!

boarddifferences.jpg?width=750boarddifferences2.jpg?width=750Spot the problem ?

Look at the orientation of where the lipo battery leads get soldered two the White (PWM wire)


It was a case of checking my connections of the power distribution board against wrong documentation , check your this might be two different revisions of the PCB but it fixed my problem


thought might help someone else

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  • Had similar issue. Easy check is with a conductivity tester. Outputs on IMU are fixed, from right to left this is right,left,front and back. Take off the signal cable connecting the powerboard and the outputs of the IMU. With conductivity test, verify if 'right' signal indeed goes to the right ESC. This you do for all ESC's. In my case front and back were switched. Can be my connection fault as well. Anyway, flipping is over since I swapped the two ESC signal cables. No need to take the copter apart! You measure and switch wires.
    Thanks to johan for flagging this as a possible reason for flipping!

  • I think this is my X + problem...



  • Developer

    Yes pdf is correct. It seems that wiki has few wrong pictures and we are already making new ones.

    On wiki pictures left/right and up/down signal wires are upsidedown.

  • 3D Robotics
    That PDF was left over from the previous version of ArduCopter--I had no idea it was still in the download section (I hope you're the only person who found it!). At any rate, it's gone now, so I hope nobody else will be confused.
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