Copter behave like my dog who sees a rabit

After flying my 3rd lipo in a row with no real problems, suddenly the copter takes of very agressive. Was flying in alt hold when it happened. No reactie from the remote when trying to bring the copter back to launch position. Switched to STAB and landed. After this all looked normal again. Except the broken landing gear...

Logfile and sketch attached. Anyone had the same problem already and knows how to fix it?

2012-04-30 21-03 19.log

Log 19 Crash.jpg

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  • Jason,
    Thanks for your prompt response. I was flying with all standard PID's and there was almost no wind. Did 3 lipos before without this problem. Jakub frame with diy camera mount.
    Was flying in simple mode (to keep the cost of spare parts low). Having said that, I mean I selected SIMPLE in MP behind my STAB mode selection. I didn't select simple behind my alt hold mode. Should I do this if I want to fly simple in alt hold as well?
    If I understand correct from your reply, the range from the remote control is not the issue?

    Ps copter should be smarter then my dog. My dog never catches the rabit:)

  • Developer

    I had a look at the log file. It seems the copter rolled heavily to the left after rolling right. Maybe it was a little unstable or windy or your gains aren't tight enough.

    The copter increased thrust to maintain altitude which caused it to shoot off in that direction rather fast. 

    It appears you had control until it hit the ground right before you entered stabilize mode. The ATT messages show it responding in kind to your commands. 

    Why the left roll happened I'm not sure entirely. Were you in Simple mode or normal flight mode?

    I'll keep looking into it.


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