Copter Crashed, please help me read the logs.

Hi Guys,

I had a oops yesterday, where I was performing a ROI flight to test the gimbal performance. My copter started of great and did what it was supposed to. heading from WP 3 to WP 4 it just suddenly crashed for no apparent reason.

Please have a look at the logs and help me read them, as I cant actually see anything that went wrong.

Flight starts @ 96% of the log. I was waiting for a plane to land.

Components are:

Firmware 2.9b1

Steadidrone QUAD,

APM 2.5 External compass and power module.

Tiger Motor 3506

Plush 30A ESC's

4s Batery and APC 12X3.8 props.

Traot Gimbal and GoPro H3 black

This is my everyday copter, it has never done anything strange and has always flown flawlessly.

Kind regards


2013-11-03 17-23-59.tlog

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