a week ago my Copter Running a Pixhawk clone and Firmware 3.2.1 dropped out of the sky. It ran beautifully but suddenly it just fell out of the sky. I checked The Battery Life and it was not the fault. 

The huge Problem now is, that i cannot read the logfile through some strange reason. Is anyone able to read that log file attached? 

I really hope someone can help me with this, since i am scared now to fly it, till i have not figured out what the failture was! Is it enough information to help?

Thanks a lot,


PS.: I added the Logfile (of which i think it is the Logfile with the accident

PPS.: I also uploaded a complete Dump of the 4GB SD Card from directly after the crash here: http://johannes-froelich.de/daten/temp/Pixhawk_3.2.1_SD_dump.gz

PPPS.: you can find a video of that crash here: http://youtu.be/zVUSGsYQgtU

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is the log just not readable or is there no one who saw this post ;)?

Any help?

Thanks a lot!!!

I can't open it either-at least on beta Mission Planner



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