Copter keeps rolling.

I have a problem with one of my hexa copters.

I took off today and found that it wanted to pitch to the right with me having to put full left stick to level the copter.

Looking at the logs it seems that when the copter it level and disarmed it keeps rolling.

I cant seem to figure out whats doing this.

I have attacked my tlog from the flight.


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  • 3D Robotics

    What version code are you using? 

    • Its 3.2.1 on an APM 2.5

      • 3D Robotics

        A 3DR APM 2.5? Those haven't been sold for years. Or is it a clone?

        • Its a clone.

          It was flying perfectly 2 days ago.

          • 3D Robotics

            Sounds like a hardware (probably the MPU6000 sensor) failure. I'd contact the company you bought it from and try to get a replacement. 

            • ha. have a felling if I  didn't way it was a clone you would have told me something else.

              Nothing wrong with the hardware by the way. Just had to reset the board. 

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