Could UAVs be used to detect people with Ebola


Just a thought.... could a UAV with infrared camera be used to find people who might have Ebola. 

My thinking here is that people who have Ebola have an increased temperature as it is one of the symptoms and from what i have seen on News most of the checking at airports is done by individuals with infra-red thermometer.

The UAV could highlight individuals who might have symptoms and they could be isolated or given treatment.

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  • Detecting a core temp difference of a few degrees sounds pretty difficult.  Clothing, sweat, and such could mask such a small difference pretty easily.  ...not to mention the fact people would freak out if they thought someone were searching/hunting for sick people with drones.  There is little reason to do this with a drone, as you could probably do better mounting such a system, if it would work, at subway, bus, train, and air terminals.  

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