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NASMO posted a discussion
This is getting Dangerous. If people are going to behave like this governments will inevitably have to bring in stricter regulations for flying and owning…
Oct 27, 2014
NASMO replied to Greg Nuspel's discussion The Good Drone
"Its a fantastic Idea... However i don't think this would work in extreme weather conditions. "
Oct 26, 2014
NASMO commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post Footbal match stoped because of a quadcopter
"The Problem is that drones could be used in Malicious way....  this time it was just a flag another time it could be something else. However governments must not use incidents like this to hinder genuine enthusiast who use drones in legal and proper…"
Oct 15, 2014
NASMO replied to Mark Van Zant's discussion New Drone
"Is it out yet?... Looking at the development timeline on your link it looks like its going to be out in 2015 or have misinterpreted that timeline.

However looking at the specs it looks likes a good product."
Oct 15, 2014
NASMO replied to vorobushek's discussion Five days since the order shipped and still no tracking number
"I have experience of shipping Commercial Aviation Parts. If the company is big shipper then they would generate the Tracking number before the courier company picks up the order. Companies normally have on-line system from couriers like DHL, Fedex…"
Oct 11, 2014
NASMO replied to Kshitiz Rimal's discussion Self Powered Quadcoptor
"QinetiQ a UK based defence contractor has produced a solar powered UAV its basically a flying wing and its huge.
I agree it would be difficult to replicate it on a multi-copter. "
Oct 11, 2014
NASMO replied to Kshitiz Rimal's discussion Self Powered Quadcoptor
"If you could add some solar panels to gain energy plus the wind turbine it might just be possible....  but it requires a lot of work to make it work.."
Oct 10, 2014
NASMO replied to Brian Martin's discussion Custom Designed Quadcopter Frame
"Fantastic blog Brian... very informative and easy to understand."
Oct 9, 2014
NASMO replied to Ted Byers's discussion What is the relation between the motors in a quadcopter, the propellers, the battery, and flight time?
"Did the flights take place in similar conditions in terms of heat, humidity etc also the flight profiles were they similar. Finally were the batteries fully charged?"
Oct 9, 2014
NASMO replied to renaud barbier's discussion ultimate uav website launched
"The store page on your website is not working. Can you please let us know the pricing information of your products. Thank you."
Oct 9, 2014
NASMO replied to chrisa's discussion ADrone All Aluminum X copter
"Looks good and has good performance."
Oct 9, 2014
NASMO posted a discussion
Hi,Just a thought.... could a UAV with infrared camera be used to find people who might have Ebola. My thinking here is that people who have Ebola have an increased temperature as it is one of the symptoms and from what i have seen on News most of…
Oct 7, 2014
NASMO replied to Steffen Wickenhauser's discussion Building a fully protected multicopter
"You would probably want to build a quadcopter because that way you will have to cover less of the props and thus save on weight. 
In terms of the protective housing you could have the mesh made on a metal (Light metal) ring that has clip fitting on…"
Oct 7, 2014
NASMO replied to TenzinR's discussion Flying UAV's in Iraq for OIl/Gas
"Try local iraqi embassy. Also you might want to talk to oil exploration companies based in Iraq. Iraq should have civil Aviation Authority so it might be worth contacting them. Due to current situation I'm not sure if this is the right time to be…"
Oct 6, 2014
NASMO replied to Arshish Maneckji's discussion MY Quad and my First Recorded Video
"Looks good! Happy Flying!"
Oct 6, 2014
NASMO replied to Cala's discussion My second cuad, a Tarot 650
"Looks like you have done a great job! Is it flying now?
Maybe you should post some videos of it once its flying."
Oct 6, 2014