• Its a fantastic Idea... However i don't think this would work in extreme weather conditions. 

  • DJI ?   - really ? :D

    flying "stright line" 

    "up to 80k/h"  - torpedoing any other aerial vehicle in it's way ?  - there's no way for it to detect  a baloon/ultralight/helicopter, etc.  collision with a bird, and hurting people below..

    standing by with fully charged li-po = poor battery life/performance when you need it.

    We'd all like to see this in the future, but we need an anti-collision system that "everyone" is using first, before this can become a viable idea.  >Right now, it's just another "pizza delivery" dream.

  • Here is another local group using a drone for good

    Drone Footage of Killer Whales

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