Five days since the order shipped and still no tracking number

Hello, DIYDrones!

I was hoping that my first post here would concern something less down to earth... But I'm facing a problem with a certain web shop so I thought I'd ask people who are more experienced in buying stuff over the Internet.

I placed two orders in two web shops, one of them being and I think I'd rather not disclose the other one for now - don't want to spoil their reputation yet.

Drotek performed flawlessly, processed the order the day after I paid it, and sent the tracking number the same day (Thank you, French gentlemen!). Drotek was also very responsive to my e-mail requests.

The other one has been keeping me in darkness about the fate of my order since five days that I paid it. I'm afraid it's a little too long for the track number to arrive. So I went ahead and mailed them asking about it.. And get no reply for two days. Well, I just don't feel like I could afford throwing 100$ out of the window...

So my question is: is this a normal situation, do I have to worry and how long a delay had you experienced between paying and receiving the track number? Is this a shop's fault or the shipper's (it's EU signed post with tracking number)?

Thank you.

P.S. The shop I'm talking about seems to be well established since it has a blog here on DIYD.

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Hello guy,

If you have a problem with an order you can contact our team!

Thanks and see you soon.


Hi JP,

Don't worry, I've got no problem whatsoever with Drotek ("...Drotek performed flawlessly...", i.e. without a flaw), it's the other company that I have trouble with.

If you're here and willing to reply, could you please tell me how long could be a delay between shipping and getting the track number, from your experience?

Thank you :)

I have experience of shipping Commercial Aviation Parts. If the company is big shipper then they would generate the Tracking number before the courier company picks up the order. Companies normally have on-line system from couriers like DHL, Fedex etc. The The company generates all the paperwork and the courier picks it put and delivers it to you. 

If they have the product in stock it shouldn't have taken this long to get tracking number. Unless they are buying from someone else and when it arrives with them they will ship it to you. 

It might be worth calling them rather then sending e-mails. 

I've had so many different experiences with online shopping. Some of them are so fast it feels they sent the response before I sent my order. Others are so slow and lack communication it is frustrating beyond belief. I have only felt ripped off by ArmBGC; I ordered a brushless GoPro gimbal and it arrived without the controller. I told them of this and they asked for photos, once I sent them, they claimed the controller would be sent out right away. I then purchased the joystick from them so they could combine shipping. Well the joystick arrived by itself and any attempt of further communication with them has been futile.

I just received a DYS gimbal for a NEX that arrived with one motor where the holes were not tapped from another company so I will see how they handle this. In all I have spent thousands around the world and mainly it has all worked out despite slow shipping and a total lack of communication from some suppliers. I do hate the ones that have a tracking number, but all it means is they have told the shipper they will be shipping something and it actually doesn't ship for another 5-7 days.

Maybe we need a drone supplier database where shipping speed, communication and quality are rated. I would rather spend more money to get customer service, for me seeing my product shipped the next day instead of the next week is worth the extra expense.

NASMO, Greg,

thanks for your feedback.

As to lack of communication, for me it's the most frustrating thing, slow shipping is much less evil. As soon as you are kept informed about your order's fate it's all good.

Greg, that's a great idea of running such a database, so that people could save their nerves and time. If anyone is up to create it, here's my first rating: Speed 5/5, Communication 5/5, Quality - yet to see!

The tracking number has finally arrived to my great relief. I'm glad I didn't disclose the name of the shop, turns out that buying over internet is all about patience (two weeks have passed until I got the track though!). That said, I wish they were more willing to communicate.


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