counter rotating propellers

HiI am having trouble choosing props for my quad. My local hobby guy (heli flyer) says that when he wants a CR prop he just "flips" a standard prop over.huh ?Is this possible ? Why then are there CR props available ?Is there a place to buy 12" prop sets (with CR props)I cant find anywhere that has them.Even DIY lists them but always out of stock and cant place an order.Im not sure how much altitude I'll get without props :)regardsGrant

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  • Folks those are excellent answers thanks very much.

    The article you pointed at Darren was most interesting.

    Tom yours was an unexpected response and so Im glad I asked. Thanks again
  • Hi Gord


    I appreciate your reply - but you either did not answer my question or i did not understand the answer :)

    so.... are you saying that "flipping" the prop does not work ?

    Are unsymmetrical fixed pitch props special for quads ? or what else are they used for ? And where should i be shopping for them ?





  • Unsymmetrical fixed pitch props are either a tractor or pusher and can only rotate one direction.
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