Counterfeit Products

Over the last 1.5 years I have been building a bit of a Frankenstein 550 Hexa. I have heavily modified a 550 (Pixhawk, AMP heavy lift motors, etc) to the point where the only aspect of 550 left is the distribution plate. Even that, I don't use the PDB.

Anyhow I digress... I was looking in my bits of amassed parts and there are, in my opinion, a large number of counterfeit parts. I would like to start a discussion where people can post photos and tell-take signs of counterfeit products.

Hopefully this thread gets legs and put into some sort of Wiki. Even better would be if vendors jumped in and could add if it's legit or shitty packaging that hides an original or ideally how to tell if it is counterfeit.

I start this after buying what I believed to be a bargain on Gemfan 11x47 slow flyers which I researched and see two different styles of packaging. (subsequently switched to APC). It looked sketchy but I don't really know.



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