Crash #3

I was flying my hexacopter at a local school on june 22. Everything started out great. I was flying it in auto, loiter, guided, and RTL mode. While i was flying my hexacopter started drifting away because of the wind. At witch point i brought it back and tried moving the throttle down to land it, but the throttle wasn't working. I decided to flip the switch and put it into RTL mode, after that the whole thing died, the motors lost power and fell out of the sky. Im not shure exactly what happend but i think the throttle wire fell out.

Any suggestions?




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  • Hmm there is a desktop experiment to try: Remove propellers, power it up, connect to it in MP and go to the RC calibration page with the green bars indicating RC signals. What happens there if you pull one wire, eg. pitch? Does it stay where is was or go neutral? Or something else? What happens if throttle failsafe was on , and you pull the throttle wire?

    (No I don't know the answers a priori (and I can't really easily produce them because I use PPM) but they would be very interesting to have!)



  •  @randy Here is the .Tlog

    2013-06-22 14-27-57.tlog
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