Hello everyone!

Today had very strange crash. Hexa was flying a mission, few minutes after take off hexa went down spining around itself(motors were spining) like it had low power or something came off. I had 11000 mah 4s maxamp lipo on it fully charged. But I heard an alarm a few time while it was in the air.

In crash lost: Lipo MaxAmp11A, SonyNexe5N, Frame, 6 Motors, Props, Custom Legs. (everything exept Arduno and ESC's and radios)

Does any one have any thoughts? Unfortunatly I can not say much myself when I looked at the log.

My specs:

3DR Hexa ready to fly (1400gr)

Sony Nex5n (350gr with lens and battery)

Gaui 2Axis gimbal (150gr)

Lipo 11000 mah 4s (800gr)

850kv 3DR motors

10x45 props

Weather: -6 deegre celcium, light wind

Huge thanks to everyone!

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     It looks like a mechanical failure but I can't tell you much more than that.  I can see it's a mechanical issue (as opposed to a controller problem) because the controller's desired roll and pitch (Roll-In and Pitch-In) don't match the actual Roll and Pitch.  The spinning to the ground is what I'd expect from a hexacopter when it loses power to one motor although I haven't seen many actual logs of this happening.  It looks like at some times it does become inverted..i was hoping that a hexacopter would come down mostly level but spinning (ie yawing).

Thank you very much Randy. It looks like one of the motor came off as theres no damage on one arm but motors is off.

It's important to "locktite" or some other kind of thread adhesive to make sure (metal) screws don't come loose;  I use locktite blue.

Sorry about the loss.


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