Crash while minimOSD initializing

I installed minimOSD to my zagi style FPV plane. I had trouble with PAL/NTSC fetaure and getting OSD overlay on the video screen was random. I soldered jumpers and didn't use second stage regulator. Then I downloaded Gabor's G1.26.1 firmware because PAL was default. OK, OSD overlay problem fixed.

Today I went to field. After take-off I tried stabilize, FBWA and FBWB. Then I tried AUTO but plane went to a deep dive although I have used AUTO mode in the past many times. I quickly changed the mode to manual and tried to save the airplane but from 100 m high the plane crashed.

After getting home I analysed the video and log files and saw that just before the auto mode (may be the APM1 never changed into AUTO mode because I didn't see AUTO mode in the backup video replay) minimOSD went into "initialising" state.

During initialising, can I still command the ailerons, elevators with my remote control radio?

Why do you think minimOSD goes into "initialising" state?

After recovering the airplane, can I fly safely with minimOSD having potential to go into "initializing" state?

I thank to Ardupilot community and Gabor fpr their great effort, I don't mean to complain for the crash, I am just looking for a way of flying safely with minimOSD. Thanks for your support.


İlhan Bascuhadar 


Log files attached, I couldn't upload video on youtube, after uploading I will also give the link of the video.

2012-07-28 18-19-33.tlog

2012-07-28 18-19-33.rlog

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  • Lessons leraned;

    1. Always use a seperate BEC without question.

    2. Use the second regulator of minimOSD as it decreases the risk of power brownout.

    3. If you use the second regulator find a way of cooling the minimOSD even if it is V1.0.

    4. If minimOSD goes into initialising state in the air, you have nothing to do prevent a crash.

    5. Soldering the PAL jumper on minimOSD does not guarantee the default setting change into PAL. Gabor's code guarantees this.


    If you have any comments on my lessons learned please let me and other potential minimOSD users know. 


  • Hi, it really looks like a brownout. It happened to me three times in the past. Too much electronics for an ESC BEC. Are you powering your ardupilot with a separate BEC? If not, please do it.

    Hope it helps.

  • Here is the link of the video


  • 3D Robotics

    That may have been a power brownout, perhaps because you didn't use the second stage regulator?

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