Hi folks,

I had a quad Pixhawk, 3.2, which has had two "wobbles" in the air. Both occasions it looked like one motor shut down. On both occasions it turned back on and had enough height to recover (while falling I throttle at 100%)

Sadly the third occurrence I was not so lucky. I did not have enough height and it hit pretty hard. Oh well.

I am curious though as to why this happened. After the first two I checked the wiring to the ESCs, power etc and they all ok. The motors spun freely too.

Below are some screenshots of the logs which confuse me. There is a small, uncommanded roll followed by a massive roll (it's inverted?) 

Just after the roll started you can see me put 100% throttle but ThrOut falls to near zero. 

I'm rebuilding the quad now (half the fun 'eh :) ) but curious as to why this happened. 



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