Yesterday I crashed my Hexa during a Autotune.

This is what happening:

1. I got in Stabilize mode and went to a +/- 5 meters hight and activate Alt-Hold mode.

2. Activate Autotune

3. When the drone drifting off I correct position and it got back in Autotune automatic.

4. It went drift off too far and could not get it under control (dunno why) and because of high trees I desided to activate RTL (Return to Launch) wich result in crash.

It did not climb into a save hight in RTM mode but instead it Pitch or Rolls and aim speed then slightly went horizontal down to the ground (crash).

Can someone tell me what I did wrong?

I upload the log file, I hope this file is the right one it's the first time for me.


2014-10-04 17-51-46.tlog

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  • Looking at the logs I'd say you didn't have enough battery left for it to fly.

    Logs show that the hex knew where home was, knew it was going in the wrong direction and maxed throttle output to try and maintain height but it was still falling.

    You started the flight with 3.7 volts per cell which is when a lot of pilot's are landing to change the battery.

    • Okayn thanks for your input on this.

      But why flew it away from me instead of thowards me?

      That is the strange thing I find of whole this because it had to crash when it flew into my direction and not away from me.

      I'll start over when I repair the drone and wil use the advised Mission Planner instead of APM Planner, however APM Planner looks are better en more user friendly in my opinion :-)

      • Regarding the voltage and battery, and aside from it perhaps being nearly exhausted, you might want to look at the flight speeds you have set in relation to the "C" rating of your battery.

        Regarding flying towards Mongolia instead of back home, that sort of thing can happen for internal or external reasons some of which (especially concerning GPS) cannot be totally eliminated at this time. It is essential to be able to fly the aircraft manually (in our case, in "Stabilize" mode).

        The action when something like this happens (RTL misbehaves radically etc.) should be to instantly go manual, acquire orientation if necessary, and pilot the aircraft. At this stage of the game, with the gear available to us, these skills are either present or there will sooner or later be a crash/flyaway.  At any given time there tend to be in these pages several discussions of crashes/flyaways that wouldn't have happened if the operators had been pilots.

        There are people, notably manufacturers/vendors, who don't like to hear this, but that's the reality. And piloting a multicopter is not so difficult to learn and in fact can be a lot of fun. See Gary McCray's dronesarefun.com web site for more on this.

        • Before I had the chance to react to put it on manual override it was already crashed.

          You can see that my second reaction was disable RTL and it went to ALT-Hold again but this also not helped and a second later (crash).

          I wil look at the "C" rating of my battery and correct if needed.

          Thanks for your input!

      • It wasn't flying anywhere, it was crashing.

        You went to rtl when it was going out of control.

        It was out of control due to lack of voltage.

        Your rtl height is 50mtr, the hex has to reach that height before it will start returning to home. You didnt have enough power to maintain the 15mtr you were at so it was never going to make it up to 50mtr so it just kept on crashing.

        • Yeah you are right, does the AutoTune mode use alot of power?

          That I was doing before the crash happens.

  • Which firmware are you running?

    • the firmware is ArduCopter v3.1.5 (stable)

      is it mabe a problem that I use both Mission Planner and APM Planner 2 to setup my APM ?

      • Hi Geert,

        I don't trust APM Planner (Linuxuser). I had some strange behaviours and also some for me important features are missing.


        • So the best way is using Mission Planner and leave APM Planner at side, more people seems to recommend that.

          But I see there are regulary updates for the APM Planner and none for Mission Planner.

          Do you exclusive use Linux for Mission Planner, on what distro?


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