I got a Problem with my APM.

Since a couple of days the barAlt-Value raises and falls without an end.

When I put the APM on the desk and connect battery or usb, the altitude decreases or increases.

There is no difference if the GPS is connected or not.

In CLI baro test, the temperature value is very low an it's raising in little steps.

I reset the parameters, erased the eprom an re-installed the firmware(3.1.4 - 3.2.0rc3) with no effect.

The barometer is also covered with foam.

I am running out of Ideas. Is the sensor bad? Can anybody help?


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maybe you should check for particles blocking the holes of the barometer. I assume you use the correct foam - you don't use foam that blocks the air. You can also check in MP --> Flight Data --> Status the parameters press-abs, press_temp, raw_press, raw_temp and compare it with local weather station data. Maybe try MP --> Flight Data --> Actions --> PREFLIGHT_CALIBRATION (cover your airspeed sensor if you use one).


thank your for your advices. I tried to clean the baro with compressed air, but there was no change. The temperature is stll near 0° Calvin.

I think the Sensor is bad. I thought to replace it, but the sensor is not very cheap and the soldering seems to be extreme difficult.

Well unfortunately I had to order a Pixhawk. ;)

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