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To any members who have built or modified a drone.

I've recently completed a PhD and am doing some research into DIY drone communities and wondered whether some of the members of this great forum would consider answering a few brief questions (anonymously) about: the process of building a drone, the creative payloads you may have affixed, and your thoughts on how drone regulation fits with DIY drones more widely. 

I've put together a brief survey (7 questions) and would be hugely grateful if you would consider filling it in. Link: 

Please do get in touch with me if you've got any questions, or would be interested in being interviewed.



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  • Hello,
    You might want to read these articles by Carol Johnk (Lichtenberger Engineering Library): "DIY Drone! What You Need to Know" and "Quantum Drones Academy".
    I'm doing some analysis of custom drone-based quantum networks for my physics research paper
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