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Quick question hopefully someone can help with.  When using APM 2.6 with an airspeed sensor and on an airplane is there anyway to just set the airspeed when flying in auto mode?  For instance just say fly 30 mph.  I understand that there is a cruise throttle percentage setting, but is there anyway to just tell the plane to fly this speed?  Also, on mission planner what does change speed do and where do you set the original airspeed?  

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  • TRIM_ARSPD_CM plane paramter

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    The CRUISE_THROTTLE parameter is just a value the code uses as a starting point to reach the requested CRUISE_SPEED. The CRUISE_SPEED parameter is the velocity that the code will try to reach and maintain. If you set the CRUISE_SPEED parameter to 30mph the code will try and reach and maintain that velocity if the vehicle is capable of flying at that velocity.


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