I have a new build coming up that's an Octo that I'm planning on using http://www.foxtechfpv.com/tmotor-351515-kv400-motor-p-822.html with 14x4.7 APC's. That pulls max current of 21A. Times 8 that's nearly 170A max. I'm wondering if there's a current sensor that can handle this? The attopilot has a 180A version, but has anyone actually pulled 180A through it (burst)?

If not is there anything that I can use?

On a side note, will using 6s batteries be an issue?

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Who's PDB are you planning to use?

Are you considering using the APM Power module to supply power to the APM?

R Lefebvre has an octo build thread HERE.

He could probably give you some good tips and ideas.


I'm going to be custom making my PDB. I'll send a message over to Lefebvre. Thanks for the find!

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