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Helicopter Vibration Levels

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rob_Lefebvre 1 hour ago. 15 Replies

I just wanted to make a post to specifically address the issue of vibrations on helicopters, as I am seeing quite a few logs which exhibit excessive vibrations. This not only affects Loiter, but can…Continue

Warning about Helicopter Power Supply!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Vlastimil Vrskovy Jul 2. 27 Replies

I've posted about this before, but I feel I must reinforce this:You MUST use a completely independent power supply for your APM or Pixhawk than you use for the Servos.  DO NOT use one BEC to supply…Continue

Arducopter 3.2 Warning

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rob_Lefebvre Jun 5. 4 Replies

Just wanted to put out a warning to everybody, that you should not be testing any of the 3.2 Release Candidates for Tradheli until I say so.At this time, I have not flight tested 3.2rc1 or rc2. I…Continue

Who wants to alpha test Flybarred Acro code?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rob_Lefebvre May 27. 79 Replies

I am attempting to fix the flybar acro code, wanted to get it out with the upcoming 3.1.3 release, but I'm in a bit of a pickle.  It compiles in Arduino, but won't compile in Make for PX4.  I assume…Continue


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Rob_Lefebvre replied to testuser0001's discussion No rudder control
"Could be your yaw PID settings.  You'd really need to post your parameter file so we can help."
1 hour ago

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion Helicopter Vibration Levels
"Just at a guess, I'd say the problem is caused by your blades being out of track.  But it could also be unbalanced blades, or a bent shaft."
1 hour ago
Dr Adrian Evans replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion Helicopter Vibration Levels
"These are my latest vibration logs. I've mounted my pixhawk inverted using the supplied pads on my trex 450 plus. I made a CF base plate that slots between the landing gear and covers the base. The X and Z look great but the Y is worse -…"
22 hours ago

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Dan Murray's blog post Project Wing: Google Reveals It Has Been Working on Drones for Two Years
"Delivering dog food, one ounce at a time. :)"

Rob_Lefebvre commented on cmiser's blog post First UAV Demonstration at a US Air Show (with FAA Consent!)
"I think the only thing the FAA did that is of significance in this case, is turn a blind eye to the fact that some professional UAV companies were pretending that they were flying as hobbyists. I read another report of this whole event from another…"

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Jorge Brites's blog post Refurbish a damaged 4S battery - Do not try this!
"Theo, the only person acting like a sociopath is you.  As is evidenced by your post history.  "
Aug 24

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Shane's discussion Arducopter just not reliable.
"If the GPS stops logging, I would have to imagine the GPS system has failed in some way. In this log, it looks like the problem started because you cut the throttle to zero in Stabilize.  This causes Arducopter to shut off the motors, and stop…"
Aug 21

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Shane's discussion Arducopter just not reliable.
"Please submit a log which actually has data in it and we can look.  It would be very helpful to have IMU logging turned on. Many of your problems could be explained by excessive vibrations.  And I have had one of those HK F450 frames, it…"
Aug 21

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Jorge Brites's blog post Refurbish a damaged 4S battery - Do not try this!
"I'm with Bill.  I am not seeing what the big deal is here.  Theo says this was done "incompetently", so exactly which details has he done wrong?  How would it be done better? I have also rebuilt packs.  This is…"
Aug 20

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post First flight of ArduPilot on Linux
"Great work team!I can't wait to see SLAM combined with Ardupilot!"
Aug 20

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Jose Luis Cortes's blog post Huge quadcopters can be attractive alternative to fixed wing for mapping and survey
"Gary, probably.  I built a pretty high-spec 800 gasser heli for about $3000. Weight is currently 5.5kg.  Allowing 2kg for payload, that leaves another 4.5 kg for fuel.  I think it could fly for a few hours. ;) Jose, pretty nice…"
Aug 19

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Jose Luis Cortes's blog post Huge quadcopters can be attractive alternative to fixed wing for mapping and survey
"Nice branching of my original blog title. ;) I am interested to see how machines like this compare to helicopters.  There's very little information on their real performance, particularly in wind.  "
Aug 19

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Rune Eide Hansen's discussion Servo stutter
Aug 15

Rob_Lefebvre replied to UAS_Pilot's discussion Issue Arming
"I think if you plug in the battery before arming, you should be OK.  And wait about a minute before trying to arm.  There's a very slow low-pass filter on teh battery voltage, so it takes a bit of time to come up from 0 volt to the…"
Aug 15

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Rune Eide Hansen's discussion Servo stutter
"Sorry, there's no helpful data in there.  PID logging is not running, nor is RCOut."
Aug 15

Rob_Lefebvre replied to UAS_Pilot's discussion Issue Arming
"Hi Joseph, Ch8 needs to be off to be able to arm.  It's a protection so the motor doesn't start as soon as you arm.  It also allows you to turn off the motor while the copter is still armed. As for the failsafe... I would think…"
Aug 15

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Mechanical Engineer
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Aerial Photography
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Brighton Ontario Canada

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Rob_Lefebvre's Blog

Helicopter Presents Attractive Alternative to Multi-rotors and Fixed-wing UAVs

Posted on February 3, 2014 at 1:10pm 335 Comments

I've been working on a new helicopter platform the last few months. Based on an MSH Protos heli which I chose because it's an extremely light weight platform, weighing in at only ~1200g without battery. It has a full belt drive which I much…


Merry Christmas and a Happy New ACRO!

Posted on December 24, 2013 at 7:01pm 16 Comments

3.1 was released just in time for the holidays, but I felt the new Acro Mode we have developed has not been adequately demonstrated.  So I shot this video to show that Arducopter now has a competent Acro mode to go along with all the other functions.  This is kind of a big deal to me, as I am interested in learning acrobatic flying, but I really appreciate having…


Group Attempts Prison Contraband Deliver with Hexacopter

Posted on November 27, 2013 at 4:15am 7 Comments

I think this is actually the second attempt at this.  Wasn't there one last year?  Good to see that they actually caught the people involved and arrested them.  Hopefully it won't result in a knee-jerk reaction, but I doubt it.  The article is horribly written, but at least they didn't call it a "drone".…


Extreme Arducoptering

Posted on November 3, 2013 at 6:30am 6 Comments


On Friday we experienced very high winds, 60-90km/h, or Beaufort 7-8, this caused damage in the area, actually knocking over some trees, etc.  I decided to go out and test the wind performance of my F450 quadcopter, see if it's even possible to fly a quad in such conditions, and test the inertial Loiter performance.


Overall, it went fairly well.  Flight…


Comment Wall (10 comments)

At 5:59pm on November 30, 2011,
Jason Short

Chris is the Admin. He can help you.


At 8:22pm on May 16, 2012, Carl La France said…

Robert thanks for your input the 1/8 aluminum on  on the fuselage will be a milled out channel running  half way down the side of the plane    to attach the wing the horizontal stabilizer and the vertical fin to a Exoskeleton about 1 1/2 pounds the rest of the plane is foam and fiber glass there was no distortion welding we had it clamped down  pretty good Thanks again Carl

At 4:26am on July 26, 2012, OG said…

Thanks for you assistance with my ecommerce sight yesterday . I appreciate it so much I give you my cost your first porches.

At 6:17pm on November 27, 2012, Dwgsparky said…

Hi Robert, sorry I missed your request. still getting used. to this system.

Sorry, not waterslides,,,, Kiddie trains from Granby.

At 7:53pm on January 24, 2013, Joshua Johnson said…

My bad I was just trying to give new members someone they can ask questions to because the site is super confusing at first for a while when your new. Ill stop doing it!

At 11:47pm on April 23, 2013, Manuel Zangenfeind said…

Dear Mr. Lefebvre,

I saw some videos from your heli in Loiter Mode and thought wow this heli is standing rigid in the air.

I'm using a TREX 700E and want to fly this heli with apm 2.5 version 2.91 autonomously.

Currently I want to adjust the PID parameter. The stabilize and the Altitude Hold Mode is working perfect, but I have some problems with the Loiter values.

So would it be possible to send me your PID values of the loiter mode? I think they have to be very similar.


Nice Greets from Austria


At 2:56pm on July 8, 2013, Jonathan Weisburst said…

Hi Mr. Lefebvre, 

Thanks for getting back to me.  Do you have any suggestions in terms of renting or hiring aerial videography crews or drones?  

All the Best, 

At 11:06pm on June 3, 2014, Matt said…

Hi Rob,

Interested in making a Tandem out of 2x 800 sized helicopter. Just interested to discuss your thoughts.

At 7:34pm on July 12, 2014, Eric said…

Hi Rob, I saw your DroneCon talk on youtube (which was great, thanks!), and it looks like you got cut off towards the end there. By any chance is the full slide deck available somewhere? Or was there much more left? Thanks!

At 3:02am on August 1, 2014, Artem said…
Hi Rob, i know you had a lot to do with AC yaw control, could you confirm if motor values are used in the formula for the yaw servo control? In other words if running a motor in a wrong direction would affect the yaw control. If so is this something that appeared in the code since 3.1.3 or was it there before? Thank you!

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