Hi,I have a Tetracam Lite camera that I want to use on a 3DR x8 with a PIXHAWK on board. I want to trigger the camera at waypoints. The camera is triggered using RS232 serial signal. I need to print ESC and T (ASCII) to tell the camera to take a picture. Serial 5 on the pixhawk is available and I would like to use that (if possible).I would appreciate help as I am not informed on how to create custom mission commands.Rai Gohalwar

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  • Hi Nathanial,

    Yes, I am using the Arducopter software. Thanks a lot for helping me out.

    • I played around with the UART_Test example under AP_HAL/examples to figure out which UART went with which serial port. I had better luck with serial 4 than with 5. For your case, I would use the 10 or 50 Hz loop in the usercode.pde file to check if the waypoint had been reached (I'm not sure how to do this, I've never flown in auto mode), and then do a print statement with your command. If you use serial 4, there are a couple of lines you need to comment out elsewhere (so the Pixhawk doesn't look for a second GPS). They are:

      The user loops and header file were uncommented in the APM_Config.h file.

      * Other changes (disable 2nd GPS to allow serial port 4 to be used for data):

      * HAL_PX4_Class.cpp : lines 292-301 commented out, baud rates changed in line 125

      * AP_GPS.cpp : lines 76-80 and 107-119 commented out, ternary operator removed on 131

      * GCS_Serial_control.cpp : lines 58-61 commented out

      * SITL_State.cpp : line 654 commented out

      * system.pde : lines 106-110 commented out

  • Hey Rai!

    Are you using Arducopter software or the PX4 flight stack? I can help if it is Arducopter as I have interfaced with the Pixhawk over a serial connection.


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