I've tried to get Custom WMS mapserver working without succeed. I've tried with follow server addresses taken from:


For Topographic raster map:  http://tiles.kartat.kapsi.fi/peruskartta?
"Background map" :              http://tiles.kartat.kapsi.fi/taustakartta?
Orthographic aerial image:     http://tiles.kartat.kapsi.fi/ortokuva?

Should this work?Maybe the problems is coordinate system? I think this server is using ETRS89 coordinates which is close but not enough to WGS84 that is needed?

There's also TMS (Tile Map Service) server available. Can we use this?

Here is some info about Finnish coordinate conversions in English:


Above wms server is working ok with Android map software(Oruxmaps) so i think problems is not there. With MP i see nothing after pasting server address to window, just empty map.


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when you type in the customwms url, take away the ?.

and it works fine.

ie http://tiles.kartat.kapsi.fi/peruskartta

on seconds glance because it doesnt do wgs84, i dont think it will work.

Thanks Michael! Wms works beautifully now and seems to be accurate too.....and so easy fix lol :)


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