I am really enjoying building and tinkering with arducopter, however one thing is bugging me and I need your help with this one.

I seem to be unable to manually set compass declination. If I uncheck Auto, and enter my values, Mission Planner reverts back to auto declination everytime. This happens when I click another tab and then go back and check.

Not such a bad problem you might say, as Auto declination does a good job locating. However!!!!!!

The website which auto declination links to: here seems to locate me at another town with the same name as mine. This other town is hundreds of miles away.

So, it seems, I am unable to set my location manually (as Mission Planner reverts it), and Auto declination places me in some strange alternate-town:

One thought I have had is if auto declination is insistent, is it possible to trick the website into thinking i'm in a different location by spoofing IP address somehow?, like the next town to me that probably has nowhere else named like it, like Ramsbottom. (No laughing)

Any ideas? I'm using the latest Mission Planner software, and Arducopter.

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here is a video demonstration:

I have uninstalled the latest Mission Planner software, and installed an earlier version 1.2.74 and this has allowed me to set compass declination. I will test fly later this morning and if loiter is good I will mark this as solved.

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