Definitive List Of All Available Modes

Is there such a list? Simple showed up which has great benefit I expect but it was not in the list for a long time then it was there.  It seems that in looking in the manual there are various other modes lurking about that I am not sure really exist or not...

Here is the list as I understand it:



But tonight looking at another manual for the APM Mission Planner (I think) I saw two OTHER modes that seem to exist: FlyByWire-A and FlyByWire-B. When I looked at the update date for the entries on that page the last update was only 4 hours ago. So is this a new mode coming that is only just sneaking in?


I would love to have some really good information about the definitive modes... Similarly I would very much like an explanation about how to go about setting up for the new PID layout in the Mission Planner as well... I will leave another message there as well...




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  • FBW-A and FBW-B are fixed-wing flight modes.  All of the Arducopter flight modes are described here.  For the Ardupilot Mega list, look here

  • 3D Robotics

    Is the Modes manual page not clear on this? This is the second post you've made asking for something that's right in the manual. What are we doing wrong?


    Also, you've given "Aerial Photography" as the forum topic, so I don't know you mean APM (planes) or ArduCopter. They have different modes. The ArduCopter modes are here. In the meantime, I reset the topic to APM. Please correct it if that's wrong.

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