Design and construct full size quad copter

Going to look at potentially building full size quad copter with dual motors on each leg that can lift one person. I'm not an expert, but I like to go outside the boundry's. It is possible it cant be done but I'm happy to hear from people who are in the know and could help if possible.

There are a lot of variables to consider. But If anyone has any tips that they can share would be most appreciated.

a couple things I'm not sure of are

whats size props?

what sort of props are better? 2 blade or 4 blade etc..

How many props would I need to lift that sort of weight?

Motor size and power rating?

what sort of ESC would be used?

ESC sizes? How much current would the motors draw?

Control board? would kk2 board handle it or do I need to use something different?

Ideas on controlling it? either using standard controller or remake actual hand held device etc?



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