Devo 7, throttle and aux1 outputting together


I have a a Devo 7 with RX701 and also have some RX601.

Here's my problem, the throttle and the aux1 are outputting the same data.

Same thing with RX701 and RX601. It's like it's tie together.

On the RX701 I have everything working, Throttle, Ail, Pitch, Yaw, Gear is controlling flight mode and AUX2 Gimbal pitch but I'd like to use the AUX1 for buzzer or video switcher but I always get the same input as the throttle on the AUX1 out ?????

Have'v tried and check the manual and I can't find any place to make the AUX1 independent?

Please Help!!


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  • For anybody that as the same problem, I just found out that the channel AUX1 in Heli mode is not used but in Plane mode AUX1 is flaps. So got in Plane mode and got my AUX1 back.
    So event if you have a multirotor or helicopter, use the plane mode or you will loose 1 channel.

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