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Can anyone tell me what the difference between ACRO_P and RATE_P is in copter behaviour?

ACRO_P is the angle per second, and RATE_P the desired motor thrust, I'm a bit confused, aren't both affecting the same behaviour?

How do you distinguish and configure this correctly?

I can fly my KK2 and it's previous version quite good and now I'm trying to configure a dji f450 clone with 11x5 props, 850kv motors and the CRIUS board.

It feels far more difficult than my older boards, but I think this is because even if the I-Gain is set to a very low value, it is still holding angle quite a lot. I think I'm then oversteering which is a bit unfamiliar...

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     The ACRO_P is only used in Acro mode and it's a multiplier applied to the pilot's input to come up with the desired rate.  I forget the exact units but for example, if the pilot's input if full roll left (-45 roll) and acro P was 2.0 then the desired roll rate would become 90 degrees per second.

    The Rate P is for turning the desired rate error into a motor output.  So if the copter is rotating at 45 degrees per second but the acro (or stabilize) controller says, "no, we want to rotate at 55 degrees per second" then the 10 degree error is multiplied by the rate_P (default is 0.175) so the pwm for the left motor's pwm value would go down by 1.75 and the right motor would increase by 1.75.

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