What are the differences between solid and foldable blades for drone regarding flight characteristics???? I know I save a lot of room with the foldable ones.
I have solid (one piece) props and broke a few of them. Don't aks how... LOL...!
I am just wondering whether it is worth changingand switching to the dual blade system?
My current props are: Tiger 18x6.1.
I am thinking about upgrading to these: KDE 18.5x6.3 props


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  • Foldable vs non-foldable doesn't drive efficiency as much as geometry. Foldable will tend to be heavier as more structure is needed, but a good design shouldn't impact efficiency too much. 

  • well just this evening...first hand experience says Andre may not be right.....

    Over the last two evenings I've been testing exactly this.
    Last night I ran a set of folding Tarot 1552s...
    H680 quad.... 380KV motors 6000mAH battery...AUW of 3318grams including camera and gimbal

    Average hover current @ 50% throttle (Pixhawk 2 log files)  was 17 amps.... run time 22 minutes.
    ( I let it run to batt fail safe and auto land)

    Tonight I repeated the test with 1555 carbon fiber one peice props (the ones I've been running for over a a year now on this quad)

    Average current was 21 amps and only flew for 17 minutes. Same exact cofig, same battery state and charge level

    The Tarot folders were also much quiter, not 'tinging' like you get with the carbon fiber props. 

    Now this IS a camera quad...not designed for fast movement etc...and was only a hovering test. but the folders definitely lasted longer, were quieter pulled less current at the same throttle setting (both on the radio throttle and in the logs)



  • I see! I guess lees flight time. Could you measure it? Is it 10%, 20%?

  • Foldable = lower efficiency.
  • Anybody here who used fixed props on multirotor and replaced them with a dual ones? Any first hand experience?


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