Different setups for Pixhawk?

I tested my new frame with 3S batteries and all worked fine. When I connected a 4S battery it reacted very *jumpy*. A slight change of the throttle made the thing jump high in the sky or almost crash on the ground. My interpetation (which my be wrong) is that the higher voltage leads to more power to the motors. I think a solution could be to change the PID's. If that is true (I am not sure) I would need different sets for PID's and maybe other parameters depending on the voltage of the batteries. Is such a thing possible? It would even be already enough if I could choose another set by switching a channel.Regards,Arnold

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  • Yes, your motors perform very differently at 25% higher voltage.
    Why anyone would fly at random cell count, is a mystery to me :)
    • Sometimes I have to lift some heavy loads and that's where 4SD comes in handy. And that's why being able to change the pixhawk setup by a switch would bge hanhdy as well :-)

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