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I'm testing a digital video link consisting of a Vivotek HD Mini Dome network camera and two Ubiquiti PicoStation M2 as airborne and base station. The link works at 2.4 GHz just like the Jeti Duplex R/C control.  The PicoStations are narrow band so I haven't experienced any problems yet at short distances. What I I did see was the influence on the DJI Naza GPS.  Without the video the NAZA has no problem to find all necessary satellites but with the video link the numbers of useful satellites decreases  so the weakest ones are  'drowned'.

Anyone uses a similar setup and can share his experience?3691029296?profile=original

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  • Hi, I am about t o use the Picostation as well. How did you manage to power it up?


  • Great setup.

    Whats the price for this Tx/Rx?

  • Can you give an estimation of latency with the vivotech camera?

    Maybe try shielding the cables, this may help with interference. Also could the camera itself could be producing some RF noise? (I'm not sure) I have heard of other HD camera's producing RF noise in the 433MHz band)

    Have you performed a ground range check, with your radio in low power/range check mode?

  • Have you confirmed there is no interference with your RC control.  I was about to perform very similar tests that you are doing.  However, I was going to use the 5.8 products.  Those products would be much heavier, but it would significantly increase the network throughput  I was worried that the RC transmitters would eventually collide with the frequencies in use by the 'wireless IP device'

    I assume you've chosen the lower throughput settings on the products in order to try to force it to use less 2.4 bandwidth?

    Similarlly, have you performed any spectrum analysis on the 'products' to see if you have any other noise from their use.

    I'm very curious if there is noise from the picostations (and possibly your camera), on 433 mhz, 900 (915-928), 2.4 (which is what I was concerned with, if using an M5), or 5.8 (since you're using an M2 series)

  • which vivotek camera have u used. can u mention the model number. i want to try digital transmission. do u have any link on setup procedure of vivotek with ubiqity picostations.

  • This is a short video made during the first tests

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