I was all set to purchase the 3DR RTF X8. Upgrading everything with a total price of $1850. Just had to purchase a gimble and Gopro camera, My purpose is two-fold: Video photography and autonomous missions, land mapping / recon. Thought the X8 would handle everything.


I run into some amazing sales on larger more stable rigs over on Foxtech. Instead of APM I could be using the Wookong-M controller or the newer A2. I would only pay a few hundred more, but I feel I would be happier with the result.  

Looking to the experienced unbiased people here to tell me the pros and cons and which would be the better choice to achieve great video, stable flight, and solid, reliable recon mapping. Need OSM, good flight planning software, fully autonomous. 

Here are the models I am down to:

1. 3DR RTF X8 - $1850 with all upgrades ready to fly. Replacement kit, telemetry, Spektrum DX7, OSD/FPV, 3 batteries. Still need to purchase the gimble.

2. TAROT T810 ARTF(WKM 50WP)  w/ OSD/Datalink Combo - $2039: Tarot 4114 KV320 motors, Hobbywing ESC, 15" propellers, DJI Wookong-m 50 waypoint full function combo. I would still need to purchase the gimble, radio and battery.

3. TAROT T810 ARTF(A2 50WPS) w/ OSD/Datalink Combo - $2393: Tarot 4114 KV320 motors, Hobbywing ESC, 15" propellers, DJI A2M 50 waypoint full function combo. Still need to purchase gimble, batter and radio.

Am I wrong that I would get more for just a few hundred more? Help me choose the one that will give me the least amount of headaches. 

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  • I just posted a quad in the buy/sell section that is set up for photography/videography with zenmuse gimbal and Gopro Hero 3+ that you might want to check out.

  • IMHO: 

    1. multirotors even under naza/wookong are not plug&play, especially the size of 800mm.

    2. If you are looking for an RTF of this size you better be an experienced RC operator looking for a more professionally looking rig in order not to scare away your customers with hacked-together-looking ship.

    3. If you are new to multirotors and have money:

    option a) get a parrot drone and learn to fly

    option b) build an RCE tricopter or F350 quad, very easy and informative process I would stick with KK2 board for the first month or so, upgrade to pixhawk/wookong after you understand that even little variations of your motor/esc/prop/weight/weight distribution could require PID changes/gain adjustments even on wookong.

    4. If you are not new to the multirotors you will be able to answer your question yourself based on the purpose of the ship you are going to build.

    again, IMHO. 

  • You say Future proof ? Only open source is that, go for a pixhawk, and a tarot 810 frame.
    ArduCopter beats the competition on features and options, anytime.
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