Discharge Warning?

Hey guys!

So I think I've busted two of my batteries by discharging them too much while flying. I would typically fly the battery until I notice that I have to increase the throttle closer to full throttle. I've got 3 zippy 2650mah 14.8v batteries that I'm charging with a thunder ac6 charger. 

I've mostly done lipo charge but recently switched to lipo balance after some more research. What's happening is that the battery will reach the 4.2 volts on all 4 cells but it will only pot in 1700ish mah before saying the battery is full? I'm thinking I screwed up somewhere a long the way! Does anyone have a few pointers?

Also can you point me to where I can find a tutorial on setting up the voltage/current warnings? I've got a turnigy 9x radio and receiver. 

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  • An hour is a long time.

    I run 13000 mAh of battery for 24 minutes of flight time.

    But more battery = more weight = less flight time, so it is a real balancing act.

    If I carried 6 batteries instead of 2 then I would not get 60 minutes of flight time, and the handling would change with the added weight, and then there is the added load on the motors and ESC's......

    The batteries I use cost from 2 to 3 times that of the Zippy.

  • Thanks Mike and Ioan. I appreciate the tips.

    Mike what brand would you reccomend? I wanting to achieve about an hour worth of flight time with a medium size load. Is that even possible with a hexacopter? I found some 6000 mah 14.8v on amazon but none as cheap as the zippy. I'm guessing they sacrifice quality for price? 

  • The Zippy is not a great battery for holding voltage under load.

    I have tried them and ended up giving them away, as a 4000 would not perform under load as well as a 4 year old abused quality named pack of only 3300.

    LiPo's aint LiPo's

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