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This is a forum to discuss the creation of a community-designed UAV airframe that can be put into production. Once the basic scope and core participants of the projects have been decided on, we can move the project to a Huddle workspace for the actual design, planning and collaboration.

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  • I think this is a great idea. I would love to have the time to scratch build so I can have what I want but alas thats isnt yet :D

    As for ideas I think you would be missing a trick if you didn't have a self contained payload bay (not for flight controls and stuff but for your actual usage payload - cameras etc) in the style of Thunderbird 2. In my notepad doodles for my fantasy plane I have it placed under the CG for ease, balance the plane and balance the payload pod(s) and never worry about it.
  • Is this idea still alive?

    My recommendations would be a design similar to WK2 (white knight two designed by Burt Rutan):

    twin electric brushless
    twin pods on the intersection between the middle and side sections (power/receiver/autopilot/motor/prop/battery) single payload pod in the middle
    6' span, in 2' sections with 6-7 deg dihedral on the outer two sections.

    Pusher prop so that you can a camera in the front part of the wing

    twin boom

    No ailerons, elevator/rudder only (via twin booms)

    Straight EPP foam wings, cut via manual or CNC hot wire (easy to do).

    Airfoil: Selig 1223

    Rudder large enough to compensate for single-engine-out operation.

    10:1 AR
  • How about this?

  • @Ron,
    Yes I know everybody is busy and I am impressed by all projects and subjects explained and supported here.
    I am still in the learning curve and following several discussions and blogs
    I was just asking about this community project and will wait for some more news

  • @Ron
    I asked some time ago to be part of this Workspace.
    I sent several PM for that and didn't get an answer
    I sent some questions for this Workspace to Chris , to understand how this Workspace was working.
    I answered me that the team was full and also to wait until they release some of their early work.
    So for me this team started to work on this project.
    I am interested about this and just trying to get some news of their work....

    Best regards, Jean-Claude
  • I think we need one or two competent people to focus in the different areas;

    Wings (best possible design for max. lift given general requirements of payload, max. weight and dimensions)
    fusealage and payload area (max efficiencies)
    tail structure (V tail or T tail, perhaps, or part of wing team)
    Electronics (batteries, ESC, motor, RX)
    Avionics (Ardupilot, IMU, telemetry and sensor placement)
  • @James
    Thanks for your explanation.It's clear now for me

    Has you have probably seen on this very long discussion, a lot of proposal's and requirements have been done previously.
    Some time ago a Workspace was put in place with several people having the required skills to continue this project.
    I tried a few days ago to ask what was happening on that Workspace but haven't had a reply yet....
    This domain may be for sale!
  • I'm not sure if this will be helpful but looking at the list of desired features piling up in this thread:
    I thought it would be useful if we had a spreadsheet that everyone was inputing their wishlist to. This will simplify the process of compiling the data.

    Please email CommunityDesignedUAV@gmail.com for invite to the spreadsheet.
  • It's kind of difficult for me to understand why nobody's except Ryan and James, is providing a status about this community-designed UAV airframe .
    If somebody could explain , i would appreciate.
    Is this project dead ?

    Thanks for your reply.
    I agree with your inputs
    I would prefer electric power , and was thinking about 30 to 45 minutes of flight.
    Could you give more details about your airplane UAV proposal ?
    I saw on your home page your Url link to a UAV professional business
    Would it be a DIY UAV for the community or a UAV you will sell ?
    What about it's cost ?

    Yes good idea for a clear nose.
    What do you mean by "without all the drag"..(sorry my English is not perfect ;-) )

  • My suggestion

    Wingspan: 50" - 60"
    High Wing with Double Dihedral - no ailerons, and Option for Conventional Dihedral with ailerons
    Fibreglass fuselage
    Foam Wing and Stabilizers
    Engine: 10cc - 15cc or Electric
    Weight: upto 7lbs max takeoff

    I can build them for you guys - it won't take me long
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