Hello people


                    I need a bit of help......i am not technically minded, but i am patient and good at building model planes.

I am very interested in the FULL ARDU PILOT MEGA 1 KIT.  i have spoken to the ardu people, but i think i am asking the wrong questions.

    The plane i am building at the moment is not built for speed ,but for endurance....it has a 100" wing span and the os 91 engine has been converted to unleaded gas, (spark plug, halle effect timing etc).

    It also has a sullivan genesys system for on board continuous power to recharge the batteries.

 Along the length of the wingspan , there are 19 seperate fuel tanks ,,and i figure that the plane can do about 800 miles.

QUESTION......will the mega 1 kit allow the plane to fly all on its own from a waypoint in scotland uk.....down to a waypoint on the south coast of england uk...........could it then be taken control of, by another hand unit and landed.

QUESTION.....is there a system where the whole trip can be flown by joystick and laptop...


Hope the question can be answered

                                                            thanks Jim



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  • That really does look like a beautiful plane. It would be great to see it complete a long haul mission like you are dreaming of. Although may I suggest some baby steps first. Rather than bogging yourself down with the paperwork required for such a huge undertaking, why not put some FPV gear on it and enjoy the scenery around your local area first. I think you'll find that more satisfying, and scary, than you realize. Once you've got some hours in it's log book then revisit your original idea with more experience behind you. Although I'd think about a second plane to take some photos of this one in flight before you risk it in such a marathon undertaking.

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  • Jim,

    Please dont let the comments dampen your lust.

    for every problem there is a solution, for every mission there is a plan....

    Honestly, i like the idea, and after thinking about it for a while, i am wondering if (assuming you are dead serious) setting up a group, maybe a few poeple in the UK we could get together, and formulate the mission, create the back up plans, risk assess, define adn document the logistics of how this could be achieved.

    At the end of the day, the rules are there for a reason, however, to quote 'Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools'

    Not suggesting for one moment anyone breaks them, but if you are serious then finding out what would be required of such a team with this one single goal in mind, may just sway the CAA, if enough evidence provided that the mission, has all the safety boxes ticked, and that, the course used obeys all civil and military no fly areas.

    It would for certain, stick Ardupilot on the UK map,  i for one love a challange....and would be happy to give this a go.

    Also, not sure if your second question was answered, but flying long durations on joystick, is very hard work, and fraught with a number of issues, the aircraft would have to do 90% of the work and the operator would be there as a 'manager' of sorts.

    as a flyer yourself, ask yourself, could you fly your RC model for 2 hours and no stack it? let alone 8 hours at a go.The concentration levels requred are very high.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Kind regards,


  • I whould like to see your fuel tank and genesys setup

  • what you are describing is effectively an intercontinental missile.

    good luck getting approval for this :)

  • Hi all,

    I think, that in honest answer the AP / APM can do it, it is doable over a given time period (refueling, etc, the problem as gary correctly postulated is that its not legal.(CAP 722, CAP 658, CAP 652,,so forth  and so on...)

    We fly very long missions with AP on board and whether you fly, in a confined area or in a straight line, makes no odds, its still distance.Its down to the powers that be allowing you to fly/drive along a coast road from scotland right through england, with built up areas, children, nunneries, in fact everything that isnt bare land..the CAA would never let it happen....

    It takes me 7 hours to drive from here to my inlaws in Port Patrick, so its going to take you a while to do this.

    lol they dont even like private aircraft being flown here.. (hence all the very cool vintage jets are all grounded, and fly in the US or SA)

    personally you are going to have a serious issue getting approval to do it, let alone the logistics to manage a flight like that...

    Anyway..as we both know the weather is always crap here! :)

    looking forward to your thoughts on how you plan and execute a mission like this.

    Kind regards,


  • do you have the fuel tanks in the wings?

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