It would be nice if diy drones charged delivery at cost or cost + 10%.

300% profit in delivery is a bit of a joke!!

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I have bought a lot of product from the DIY Drones Store and I have to agree with you that the USPS shipping charges are excessive. In most cases they are charging about double what other hobby websites charge. We are being charged around $11.50 for an package weighing less than 5 oz.

Food for thought.

It would be nice if someone would just make UAV AutoPilot from scratch, sell it for penny on a dollar, setup a website, maintain it, write code, provide software and hardware support, answer all the posts and questions daily - I think if DIYDrones would just put the Autopilot into a nice plane, set it all up and drive it to my door for free...that would be GREAT! LOL

Paying a reasonable price for a product is one thing, but when shipping charges are almost double what other websites (like Sparkfun) charge for shipping the same weight, then it is no longer reasonable.

The reality is it isn't an automated high volume fulfillment center. It takes people to fulfill the orders we place, and people cost money. Rather than increase the cost of every part to ensure low cost for shipping. The reality is they must charge a fee for handling to pay for the personnel required to pack invoice track ship and support the products we buy. I agree that when you need a $2.50 strip of headers it's disconcerting to have to pay 6-7 dollars for shipping first class mail, but labor isn't determined by the value or weight of the package. Their shipping cost may be higher than average, but their customer support is superior to most. It's a give and take in this life. Maybe the next one.....
As soon as I get some more equipment together, I hope to add something of value to this forum. But, for now I would like to ask that everyone be a little more supportive of the folks who do most of the "Heavy Lifting" as regards to the DYI Drone issues. I'm thankful to have someone to order from and get involved in this interesting project. This is the first time in many, many, years that I have been really excited about an issue involving R/C aircraft, electronics, and the neat idea of autonamous flight on a grass roots user level. I'll pay a few bucks more if it helps keep the stuff coming. FWIW

The stores shipping costs are fine. It matches the great service. I have made many purchases, all were shipped fast. And when I had a minor issue, Jordi took care of me.. Thank You for running a great store!
I save up and get multiple items on one order to save shipping...
My point of view is that if something gets too far out of line with prices, the door becomes open for someone else to come along and do the exact same thing for a more appropriate price. If someone sees an opportunity here to start their own profitable hobby uav business with shipping prices that are lower than DIYdrones, then go for it.

If no one jumps in to undercut DIYdrones shipping prices, then perhaps they aren't that out of line actually.

On the flipside ... DIYdrones would do well to note that people are complaining about the appearance of their shipping/handling charges, and perhaps they should double check that they aren't leaving the door too wide open for some competition to sprout up.

Personally, I have to say that I don't like it if I get the sense that a company's profit model includes jacking up the "handling" fees way above actual costs. When that happens, I start to think that the advertised price of the product I am buying is not quite as honest as it should be which calls the honesty of the entire company into question. But still to be fair to boxes cost money, packing material costs money, it takes time to pack and box and lick and stamp, it takes time to run to the post office and stand in line, it takes time to fill out customs forms for over seas orders ... and the DIYdrones store probably doesn't deal with the same quantaties as spark fun, and probably isn't as efficient for packaging and shipping.
Hey guys, why don't you think about the REAL costs of things and the scale of the orders you are talking about. First, boxes cost money...packing materials cost money, and even the scale / hardware that is used to print the postage...guess what, costs money. So if as stated by another member the shipping costs 2.50 on an order that cost them 6.50 in shipping and handling, then just do the math. Cost of box is X, Cost of packing materials is Y, Cost of employee to pack and handle shipping processing is Z, cost of actual shipping is 2.50....add it all up and I am betting you cannot do it cheaper. This is not some high volume WalMart operation, and they are not pretending to be - but to claim that there is a 300% PROFIT, is simply nonsense.
TimL, is the total price (including shipping) really unfair? Looking at the alternatives, I don't think our friends Chris and Jordi are doing anything wrong. You might want to ask why the charges are what they are, rather than assume that your estimate is correct.
I believe we can "discuss" this alot, but it is up to the guys running the store to decide what they will charge for shipping. If we don't like the shipping charges, the only choice is not to buy form the store. But then, you won't get the products.

I trust the guys to charge fair prices. The day I don't, I don't order from them...I'd also suggest communicating directly on these matters and sorting them out, instead of posting on the site. I don't believe it reflects well on the overall community of the DIY DRONES site.

Just my 2.25 cents CAD

Having run my own store for many years and with the size and volume of their operation, their shipping charges are right on. Your claim of '300% profit' is a joke!
Well I just got delivered 24 USD PPM Encoder form USA to Asia with 4.5 USD. At least I cannot say that it was too expensive. And stuff arrived in 1 week to here. I'm actually really happy about it. I have always got great service from them. Once there was one part even missing from my shipment, they send replacement to me on next week.. Thanks Edna and others..



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