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    Thanks for you support everybody. ;-)

    I will keep the thread closed..
  • Ok Dudes,

    I'll step in and suggest this because, I know Jordi can't without getting swamped with flames...

    I think we need to close this discussion and get back to

    I'll put this out till midnight tonight (April 30th) then I will close this discussion. I am a moderator and pretty sure I can do this.

    We have other more fun topics to discuss than shipping.

    If you are unhappy with the shipping on your order, communicate directly with the DIY STORE before you order. And keep an open mind, you will not get stuff shipped for free.

    Lets not take up valuable discussion space with these topics which get close to flame sessions. Keep the discussion on topic and avoid personal comments.

    Anyone has questions concerns, communicate with me directly please.

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    Sorry to bother, but only in my dreams i would be making 300% of profits.... They are USPS charges are not marked in postage, like the online tool called Encidia and some large orders i pay insurance (for free)... BECAUSE SOME COSTUMER RECEIVE THEIR PRODUCTS DAMAGED OR THE ORDER NEVER ARRIVES, SO THEN THEY GET PISSED BECAUSE DIYDRONES IS NOT RESPONSIBLE AND THEY MARK THE TRANSACTION AS ILLEGAL AND THE BANK CHARGEBACK THE PAYMENT.. In total i lost more than 2.5K dlls in frauds like this and just because USPS... What about closing USPS?

    Now USPS servers fails often (live rates), so i been paying for example $20 of shipping charges and the costumer only paid me $12, so i decided to live a certain margin's to void this (different in every USPS service). This will sound ridiculous, but somebody is paying more for postage maybe (without including handling) but others are saving.

    Now USPS First Class charge by once's, is very difficult calculate exactly how much the box is going to weight, and again, at the end i finish paying more...

    USPS is also charging me for pick up.. at least in Riverside the mail man arrived at 1PM, so i used to have time to pack everything and I saved the pick-up charges, but here in LA the post man comes at 9AM!! not way i will have all the orders ready by then... So i have to scheduled a pick up that cost even if i don't have mail.

    I feel bad when costumers complains about $4.

    About boxes, they cost around $1.5 to $2, simple because i can't buy in high quantity's (i don't have space to store many space consuming boxes!!) and UPS charge oversize fee ($20) for a few boxes i can only buy. Taking in consideration that i use high quality one, bubble envelopes, anti static bags and peanuts that cost a lot.

    And we are not SparkFun, we don't have the space SparkFun have, we don't have the volume SparkFun have.

    Anymore questions??
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    Well I just got delivered 24 USD PPM Encoder form USA to Asia with 4.5 USD. At least I cannot say that it was too expensive. And stuff arrived in 1 week to here. I'm actually really happy about it. I have always got great service from them. Once there was one part even missing from my shipment, they send replacement to me on next week.. Thanks Edna and others..

  • Having run my own store for many years and with the size and volume of their operation, their shipping charges are right on. Your claim of '300% profit' is a joke!
  • I believe we can "discuss" this alot, but it is up to the guys running the store to decide what they will charge for shipping. If we don't like the shipping charges, the only choice is not to buy form the store. But then, you won't get the products.

    I trust the guys to charge fair prices. The day I don't, I don't order from them...I'd also suggest communicating directly on these matters and sorting them out, instead of posting on the site. I don't believe it reflects well on the overall community of the DIY DRONES site.

    Just my 2.25 cents CAD

  • TimL, is the total price (including shipping) really unfair? Looking at the alternatives, I don't think our friends Chris and Jordi are doing anything wrong. You might want to ask why the charges are what they are, rather than assume that your estimate is correct.
  • Hey guys, why don't you think about the REAL costs of things and the scale of the orders you are talking about. First, boxes cost money...packing materials cost money, and even the scale / hardware that is used to print the postage...guess what, costs money. So if as stated by another member the shipping costs 2.50 on an order that cost them 6.50 in shipping and handling, then just do the math. Cost of box is X, Cost of packing materials is Y, Cost of employee to pack and handle shipping processing is Z, cost of actual shipping is 2.50....add it all up and I am betting you cannot do it cheaper. This is not some high volume WalMart operation, and they are not pretending to be - but to claim that there is a 300% PROFIT, is simply nonsense.
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    The stores shipping costs are fine. It matches the great service. I have made many purchases, all were shipped fast. And when I had a minor issue, Jordi took care of me.. Thank You for running a great store!
    I save up and get multiple items on one order to save shipping...
  • As soon as I get some more equipment together, I hope to add something of value to this forum. But, for now I would like to ask that everyone be a little more supportive of the folks who do most of the "Heavy Lifting" as regards to the DYI Drone issues. I'm thankful to have someone to order from and get involved in this interesting project. This is the first time in many, many, years that I have been really excited about an issue involving R/C aircraft, electronics, and the neat idea of autonamous flight on a grass roots user level. I'll pay a few bucks more if it helps keep the stuff coming. FWIW

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