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Just an old R/C person with interest in building a small elec R/C Glider/Airplane with autopilot(Sounds like fun). Stumbled on the forum and was pulled in by the idea.


Black, AL

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Bob Hvarven commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Anybody recognize this drone?
"The guy with the FN FAL looks like he knows more than he is willing to admit..."
Aug 26, 2011
Bob Hvarven commented on madhuran wilson's photo
"How does it work in the Pool?"
Jun 8, 2011
Bob Hvarven replied to Bob Hvarven's discussion Recommendations for Motors etc. for Quad
"Just made a guess and ordered 4 TURNIGY 2217 20 turn 860kv 22 AMP outrunners, 4 TURNIGY 25 AMP speed controllers and 6 10X5-E APC style props. Will order batteries next pay day and some more things the next - kinda' building on a budget. Thanks for…"
Apr 7, 2011
Bob Hvarven posted a discussion
I have received my Quad frame kit from Hobby King and am asking for recommendations for the Motors, ESC's and Props that would be sufficient for this type of Quad.  Please recommend by motor brand and number - I'm an old Gas R/C person and no…
Apr 4, 2011
Bob Hvarven commented on Guillermo Romero's blog post Arducopter Quad RTF in stock!
"What Motors, esc's and prop size do you use?  I have my frame now and I'm ready to actually assemble a quad.  Thanks."
Mar 31, 2011
Bob Hvarven left a comment for Andy Brito
"Interesting you mentioned "Oriental Extraction" I flew several missions accross the border (Which the nightly news said we didn't do" with Navy Seals. We would get orders to go to a map coordinate ant a certain time - usuall at night and a Seal team…"
Sep 10, 2010
Bob Hvarven commented on Tj Bordelon's blog post Landing patterns and reverse thrust!
"Not sure how this would be integrated into your programming but - In my younger days we used to launch free flight gliders for duration contest. These gliders had a dethermalizer that when either a wick that burns down or a timer activated it causes…"
Sep 10, 2010
Bob Hvarven left a comment for Andy Brito
"Andy - That picture of you with the M60 and the Huey brings back old memories. I was a crew chief on huey's in Pleiku in 1969-70 and again in Cantho in 72- ceasefire in 73. Spent many a day behind that old M60. I earned 12 Air Medals during the two…"
Aug 26, 2010
Bob Hvarven commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post EPP-CF FPV 1.6M R/C Plane (PREORDER)
"I was expecting the next picture to say "Plane NOT Included"......."
Aug 24, 2010
Bob Hvarven commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduCopter beta flying!
"Do you think that a place with MORE obsticals could be found for the flight? I have flown in areas where there was only one small tree, and crashed into it several times in one afternoon. I'm surprised the person flying the copter didn't go blind or…"
Jun 28, 2010
Bob Hvarven commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post Hugin UAV platform
"Is there a link to a website - or where did you purchase the kit?

Jun 15, 2010
Bob Hvarven commented on Pbreed's blog post Low cost monitor..
Jun 1, 2010
Bob Hvarven commented on Chris Anderson's blog post The Open Source Hardware industry: Million Dollar Babies
"I think you should use my Prairie Dog AVATAR and remove all doubt..... :) Kidding......"
May 3, 2010
Bob Hvarven replied to AVS's discussion Diy drones - 300% profit on delivery charges!
"As soon as I get some more equipment together, I hope to add something of value to this forum. But, for now I would like to ask that everyone be a little more supportive of the folks who do most of the "Heavy Lifting" as regards to the DYI Drone…"
Apr 30, 2010
Bob Hvarven commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Skywalker: Best UAV platform ever? (I'm in love)
"Be careful what you say about my brothers the hampsters...... We rodents can be very violent when provoked.. :O"
Apr 29, 2010