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[UPDATE: Hooks has, er, hooked us up with a 10% discount at FPVFlying.com, for this and anything else they sell. Just use the discount code "diydrones". Awesome! Thanks Hooks!]

Thanks to Hooks for turning us on to the new Skywalker foam UAV platform. Mine just arrived and based on a quick inspection, I'm pretty sure this is the one for me! Everything about is totally optimized for a UAV, from the payload capacity to transportability. I'm blown away by how thoughtfully designed this one is.

It's got it all:
  • The durability of foam with all the interior room of balsa
  • Payload area right under the CG, so you don't have to worry about balance issues
  • Hand launchable, but still can carry pounds of payload
  • Breaks down easily for transport
  • Ailerons and optional flaps
  • Pusher, high-wing configuration, with servos outside to save room inside
  • Super tough EPO material
  • Easy to get to equipment with big bay doors on both sides
  • External mounting spots on rear fuselage for wireless transmitters (keeps them away from other electronics)
At $144, I think it's very fairly priced. I think this is one of the best made foam ARFs that I've seen, right up there with the Multiplex line. Don't forget to order the power pack at the same time.

Here's a shot of a prototype being flown by the creators:

Rather than give it a full review (I haven't flow it yet), I'll just give first impressions in pictures.

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  • 100KM
    Keep in mind there is a 1900mm version as well! It will be my third Skywalker ..
  • Awesome airframe.  I think this maybe the one for my UAS project.  I'll be posting details of it here on a separate thread.  You guys have been a tremendous help.

  • 3D Robotics
    Hein, if you get that version it already comes with the motor and ESC, which is what is commonly referred to as a "power pack".
  • 100KM

    Would this be the correct item to order:




    What is the "power pack" that the original poster referred to? What else do I need to complete this plane? Servo's? Cables?


    Many thanks

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    I really like the foam planes.  I've found that using the lightweight iron on covering really increases their crash or as I call it "hard landing" resistance.  The thing I like for these composite models is the additional room they give us for stuff.  

    I wish that the Hobby King/City folks would hurry up and make this model available in the US.  I simply will not pay $65 for shipping.  I like this plane over my second choice because the plane has ailerons versus only three channels.   My alternate plane is the NitroPlanes RQ11 (here).  For less money and cheaper shipping it's a real contender.  It does not have ailerons, but there are a tone of upgrades you can buy to do stuff like break-down the plane for travel and add ailerons.




    Don't know about the Google + Kunfu...

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    Google +  Kungfu = google-fu
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    @ Zach Bayne - I'm not sure I know how to google-fu  Can you explain what that is?  Thanks
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    You mean like this one @ HK for 166$


  • Is there an Aerofly model for the skywalker?
  • Zach, thanks for all of the links. 

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