Hi I was flying with ardupilot APM2.6 in drift mode. Battery still had 65% (4s 5amp)

it went into a 2-3secs "radio blackout" and lost total control. Check the YT video: http://youtu.be/ORtLyxbpFwg


It seems it went into "Stabilize mode" when it flipped as you can see in the orange path. It was in drift,shifted to stabilize (manual), then back to drift (that's when i see motors spinning again) and then the RTL I put at the end. Weird. The Stabilize mode is in a very different switch position... 


Here you can also see the 8 RC channels logs. looks like a "blackout" of all the radio channels. is not a signal loss, if not Fail safe would trigger, is like a reset of all channels. You see Ch3 going to 950, that is like throttle to zero, ch5 (that is mode channel) too... what do you think that could be? interference? is possible that glitch in a FrSky system?


All Failsafe alarms are set to go to RTL (as you can see in the one that was triggered before, for a battery alarm, i have an incorrect (too high) voltage trigger)

The config is:

* DJI F550 Haxa with E300 prop system

* APM2.6 ArduCopter V3.3-dev (193bc533)

* Fatshark FPV camera and tx

* 4S 5000mamp battery

* Fixed GoPro as payload

* RFD 900 telemetry modem (not used in this flight, but tx connected to the APM)

I'm attaching the .log and .bin extracted from the copter. Unfortunately i was not using telemetry with the GC station. 

Any thoughts?

2014-10-23 13-03-39.bin

2014-10-23 13-03-39.log

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