Hi all,

I'm looking for some expert direction on what path I should take.

I have the following gear:

  • Stock Gaui 330X-S
  • Stock GAUI 330X Pan/Tilt Camera Mount
  • Spektrum DX6i Tx
  • Spektrum AR6210 Rx
  • 4 x Turnigy 3S 2200mAh 30C LiPo's

I have basic skills and knowledge of electronics and Adruidno however I'm not good with the programming side of things however I can copy/paste sketches and tweak them using advice from the internet.

I want to replace the stock gyro that comes with this quaddy with one of the above options.  I want to be able to have position and altitude hold mainly for AP.  I do however also like the sound of the ArduPilot however I'm not sure how much 'programming' I'd be required to do to get it working.

I like the DJI Naza because it will just do it.  However it is about $400 for the gyro/gps kit.  I like the ArduPilot because it means I can start playing with autopilot and waypoints etc but I'm not wanting to delve into the code to achieve it.

If most of what I want to do can be done through GUI with ArduPilot then that's what I'll go with.  If that's the case, can someone recommend me exactly what I need as I can see there are cut down version that might not have all the electronics I need etc.

I'm wanting a pre-built ArduPilot kit that I can just wire up configure and go.

Thanks in advance for all your assistance.


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  • Thanks for all your help everyone.  I ended up going with the APM from what you've said.  I like to tinker and want a little bit of flexibility.  I'm fine with configuring and putting it all together it's just the code where I need some guidance but it looks like I won't really need to to much if any of that.  If I do, I'll just drop by here for some help.

    Thanks again.

  • I do own the apm2 and if its your 1ste fc board and you say not so good in the settings up stuff, i would go for the DJI.
  • If you want to tinker and have fun in the process= Ardupilot.
    If you want to just fly = DJI.
  • 3D Robotics

    You don't have to touch the code with APM--absolutely no programming required! It's a one-click firmware load with the Mission Planner. Totally GUI-driven; perhaps the easiest setup in the UAV market. 

    Everything you need is here

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