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Ben Thomas posted a discussion
Hi all,I'm putting together some specs for a semi-pro AP rig and wanted everyone's expert (or otherwise) opinion. I'll be strapping a GoPro, Canon 550D or semi-pro compact cameras to it. I'm aiming to keep it as close to $2k as possible (but realise…
Sep 17, 2012
Ben Thomas posted a discussion
Hi all,So this is the first time I've sought help on here since I got my first APM (2.5 latest firmware).  I've managed to make it this far with all the good info here and in the wiki.  Here's my kit, followed by my problem.Stock Gaui 330X-SSpektrum…
Sep 12, 2012
Ben Thomas commented on Mark Harrison's blog post APM2 ESC startup problem and workaround
"I have this problem on APM 2.5.  My motors will only spin up if I boot my APM using USB before plugging lipo in.  I can arm/disarm no problem but they just won't spin up unless I pre-boot.

I've got some different ESCs on the way, hopefully that…"
Sep 7, 2012
Ben Thomas posted a discussion
Hi all,Have the above setup, all very stock.  I have just received my APM 2.5 to replace the stock gyro that came with this quad.I am stuck on connecting the ESC's to the APM.  After reading…
Aug 29, 2012
Ben Thomas replied to Chris's discussion First flights with arducopter controls (Gaui 330x extended frame)
"Hi Chris,

Hopefully you're still around.  Can you please tell me whether you plugged all your ESC leads straight into the APM or did you have to go via a power distribution board?

Aug 29, 2012
Ben Thomas replied to Ben Thomas's discussion Do I still have to calibrate my ESC's if I've already done it?
"Thanks for that.  I'll see how I go without doing it.

Jul 18, 2012
Ben Thomas posted a discussion
Hi,I have a stock Gaui 330X-S. I have calibrated the ESC and it works a treat. I will soon be removing the stock gyro and replacing it with an APM 2.0. My question is, do I have to recalibrate the ESC's once I've put the APM on?When I calibrated…
Jul 17, 2012
Ben Thomas replied to Ben Thomas's discussion DJI Naza with GPS or ArduPilot Mega 2.0 Fully Assembled System
"Thanks for all your help everyone.  I ended up going with the APM from what you've said.  I like to tinker and want a little bit of flexibility.  I'm fine with configuring and putting it all together it's just the code where I need some guidance but…"
Jul 14, 2012
Ben Thomas posted a discussion
Hi all,I'm looking for some expert direction on what path I should take.I have the following gear:Stock Gaui 330X-SStock GAUI 330X Pan/Tilt Camera MountSpektrum DX6i TxSpektrum AR6210 Rx4 x Turnigy 3S 2200mAh 30C LiPo'sI have basic skills and…
Jul 13, 2012