Opinions on my Semi-Pro Hexa Build for AP

Hi all,

I'm putting together some specs for a semi-pro AP rig and wanted everyone's expert (or otherwise) opinion. I'll be strapping a GoPro, Canon 550D or semi-pro compact cameras to it. I'm aiming to keep it as close to $2k as possible (but realise I may go a little over.

This is based on sim-io's build located here. Thanks for that post too by the way sim_io.

DJI Naza flight controller
Mikrokopter Hexa XL frame kit
Avroto 2814-11S motors
Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC (Flashed with SimonK)
Graupner E-Prop 11x5
Droidworx landing gear
Photohigher AV130 gimbal
4S Lipos (size for 10-15 mins flight???)

I already have a Spektrum DX8 Tx/Rx/Telemetry.

Also in addition to your opinion on the above setup, based on all your experience can you please suggest any other bits and pieces that I may have left off such as PDB or battery mounts. I'm not too sure about those things and what else I'll need to put it all together neatly.

I already have a Gaui 330X-S that I'm pretty confident in flying so this is a proper upgrade.

Thanks for your time.

Note: I'll be posting this elsewhere also to harvest as much info as possible.

I should also note that I do have an APM 2.5 on my Gaui 330X-S.  I'm not comfortable with putting the APM on this rig, I'd rather have something very tried and tested.


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  • I have a very similar build and the NAZA was not able to provide me stable altitude control, it also would't hold GPS position (drift and large circles), I had the gains pretty much all the way up and could have used more, I have upgraded to the the Wookong and it flys perfectly now.

    I know some people run the NAZA on HexaCopters successfully but I wasn't. My NAZA now runs my smaller Quad and it is performing fine.

    I believe this was due to the weight (3.2 KG with two 5Ah LIPO), I don't think the NAZA is designed for heavy multirotor, the APM will do a better job than the NAZA in your case but you have to be willing to tune and tweak it.

    APM is great to fly on a multirotor you are not worry to crash, if you want to fly a DSLR I will suggest you invest in a comercial flight control board such as the Wookong. 


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