• What PID have your found Charlie, I'm starting out too with the s800
  • Hello all,

    I am planning my next build using the F800R from Rctimer.

    What are you guys using for the PMU? The 3DR Power unit is not capable of handling the power, so I guess you are connecting a BEC directly to the APM2.5?

    A recommendation would be greatly appreciated.


  • I bought the RCT s800 and I'm trying to connect it to APM 2.6 with external GPS/MAG but I'm not sure about the polarity from the APM to the board pins, I could notice that you have successfully connected same hardware, could you share please your wiring or if possible please tell me what's the polarity of those pins to connect the APM to the board, because at this point I'm able to arm the motors on the MP but if I raise the throttle nothing happens, so I think I have the outputs bad connected. Thanks

  • Just ordered a s800 with retracts from rctimer and a APM 2.5 board from 3Dr

    Havent found anyone sharing their PID settings for the s800.

    Would be nice to have something to start with...

    Please post your settings.

  • regarding review of rc timer s800...the general quality looks good...the upper board lacks the dji logo and spreading wings logo.other than that the upper and lower boards appear identical to the DJI product.The 6 locking cams that engage the landing bipod to the arms is black instead of red found on DJI product.Moters are rctimer and are slightly larger kv value..350 instead of 330.Propellors and drive washers appear identical to DJI product.The ESC are similar in design but are RCtimer and use simon k firmware.Led indicator lights on bottom are the same as are all arm markings.Mine came with out the propellor drive washers but rctimer sent out immediately.One of the bases for the bipod landing gear was not tapped for 3mm clamping screw ..but I was able to finish drilling and tapping base my self with my model tools at home.This kind of manufactoring defect would never be found on the DJI product however...regards...kpc

  • How are you guys finding the clone S800? It includes RCTimer motors and ESCs into the arms right? Are these components any good?

    I was scared off by all the reports of heavy flex in the arms, but I love how it folds up ;)

  • I am setting an s800 clone with apm2.5...could you describe your setup/PID s etc...regards kpc

  • I'm really interested in this too. I'm looking to buy an s800 for the build quality and lift capacity but I need the open source element of Arducopter. Did you need to do any tuning prior to this video at all? How do you power the APM from the S800? Does it have an integrated PDB or do you have to power the APM separately?


  • That's the exact setup I've been running. I've only flown it in stabilize mode so far (running 3 6s 5000mah batteries) as I am waiting for an APM 2.5 case right now before trying out the other modes. However, it was very stable for me in stabilize with the default settings.

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