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Looking at developing a complete UAS system inc remote phone/tablet control with video streaming



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Jon C replied to Wessie's discussion Mission planner feature Request
"I've been using the MP for a long time now.  The majority of my field use is on a CF-19 toughbook which has a maximum resolution of 1024x768.  This works well most of the time but due the to its low resolution some of MPs functions are clipped off…"
Nov 1, 2013
Jon C replied to nick's discussion DJI S800 with APM2.5
"I'm really interested in this too. I'm looking to buy an s800 for the build quality and lift capacity but I need the open source element of Arducopter. Did you need to do any tuning prior to this video at all? How do you power the APM from the S800?…"
Jan 13, 2013
Jon C replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.7.2/2.7.3 released
"Hi guys,
Well done on the hard work.  As you can see from my earlier post however I'm having problems with the gimbal configuration as of 2.7.3
After a lot of erasing eeproms, uploading from Arduino and the MP and testing on different laptops I…"
Sep 5, 2012
Jon C left a comment on Telemetry over cellular IP
"Tommy, If the Pi is up to this then this is great news and a much cheaper option than the Gumstix I was looking at.
I am in the process of writing a control library so my Arduino Mini Pro can receive PWM signals from a spare RC channel and translate…"
Aug 8, 2012
Jon C left a comment on Telemetry over cellular IP
"Forgive my ignorance but how are you actually planning on sending the video down this link? If its down a 3G network won't the video need 'packetizing'? If that's the case I would imaging a Pi would be woefully inadequate and you'd need something…"
Aug 8, 2012
Jon C left a comment on UK Ardupilot Group
"I had a similar problem with my 3DR and it turned out to be the version of MAVLink the Mission Planner was using.  The installer installs 2 versions of the planner.  One using MAVLink 0.9 and one using 1.0.  It runs 0.9 by default but there is a…"
Jul 25, 2012
Jon C commented on Andreas M. Antonopoulos's blog post Geo-Fencing for ArduCopter - Keep your copter "fenced in"
"This would definitely help me avoid a repeat of this!

I see the latest version (1.1.98) of the APM planner now includes a Geofencing section along with a link to the comprehensive Wiki docs.  However when I try to activate it I get the message…"
Jul 17, 2012
Jon C replied to Nicholas J Anderson's discussion Erratic IMU in APM 2
"I have an identical problem. Did you ever get this fixed?"
May 1, 2012