Hey there guys!

I was reading a few posts here and people are still askin what cheap camera drones they can get under $100.

Well, I would not have belived it myself, but the new Tello from Ryze ( it only has DJI parts) is up to the match.

It's so much above anything else in this price range that I can't even...

I have made a review with pictures and videos and so on:


I have found out that there is some frame skipping from time to time. It can be annoying, but it's so stable and even the aditional functions like the 360 and circle around are very useful!

Think you'd buy this little bug?

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  • It is worthy if you are considering a cheap drone. Also, if you are a beginner who just wants to try a drone, Tello is a good option

  • I have this one and working fine. Photos and videos taken from this one is decent.

  • It is also programmable! It's a nice toy drone which fact not literally a 'toy' ;)
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