I'm having an issue with automatically firing my canon SX230HS camera using the APM and waypoint control.

  • I've wired the camera to the APM via a home-made USB to servo cable and have set the camera control to "Relay" in the parameters page.  
  • I'm running AC 3.0.1
  • I've installed CHDK on the camera and am running the following script:
  • @title Remote switch intervalometer

    print “Intervalometer”
    sleep 500
    if is_key “remote” then shoot
    sleep 1000
    goto “loop”
  • When i arm the quad and use the "fire camera now" mouse click in Mission Planner the camera operates just fine.  I can do this over and over again.  This is over my telemetry link.
  • When I write a mission with "DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL" waypoints, the first waypoint always fires the camera as intended.
  • However, any subsequent "DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL" waypoints fail to fire.  I've tried this walking with laptop attached as well as live flights.  The navigation waypoints all register, but only the 1st instance of digital camera control works.  I'm stumped.

For the time being, I've reverted to a time-based interval on my camera, but i really liked the idea of being able to use waypoint control.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Is there something I should look for in my setup that isn't quite up to snuff?  Is my script incorrect for this type of control? 

Any insight at all would be appreciated!

Finally - thanks to everyone for all the content provided on this site, it's helped me get my quad with APM up and running in full auto mode in a very short amount of time, and I'm having a lot of fun.  This is my first post, largely because the breadth of content already available is so fantastic!

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Have you tried do_set_relay?

No - but i can attempt this.
My goal was to use the Grid waypoint generating feature, which only allows for a couple of cam controls - do_set_relay isn't one of the automatically generated options but could be used manually...

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