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Fremont, CA

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Brandon S. replied to Nigel Brown's discussion Y6 with the shakes in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"Have you done the "compassmot" calibration / test?My Y6 had bad yaw drift until i ran compassmot and saw high interference.  I twisted the wires to my compass and re-ran with much better % and the yaw drift is now gone...."
Apr 2, 2014
Brandon S. replied to Brandon S.'s discussion yaw affects pitch/roll?
"Continued to investigate this and found the following:
decreasing Rate Yaw P solved the dip during yaw.  Quad responds a touch more slowly, but no longer loses stability during hard yaw.  

however, I'm still having an overall stability issue.  I'll…"
Dec 12, 2013
Brandon S. replied to Randy's discussion AC-3.1 autotune support discussion
"Odd Behaviour during my auto-tune attempt:Once i convinced my APM that we should be able to start Autotune (needed to re-cal my accelerometer)  we gave it a shot today.
First off, let me state that the quad flies acceptably in stabilize mode with…"
Dec 5, 2013
Brandon S. posted a discussion
My quad has been flying pretty well with 3.1RC7 but i have a persistent issue with yaw and roll pitch instability that is most obvious when flying in auto or guided mode.The quad flies great in stabilize mode, alt hold and loiter without major…
Nov 27, 2013
Brandon S. posted a discussion
I'm having an issue with automatically firing my canon SX230HS camera using the APM and waypoint control.I've wired the camera to the APM via a home-made USB to servo cable and have set the camera control to "Relay" in the parameters page.  I'm…
Nov 19, 2013